Friday, 19 April 2024 - 12.36 am


Yo. Folks. All of you at the forefront of technology, with yer phones and tablet thingies!


We need to make sure everyone in the club is fully aware of all of the news and info that we push out through our website, Twitter feeds and Facebook.

Here are the links to the Club sites:



YouTube:  (although we do need more content for this, so send me your show offs showing off!)


Also, if you read these web posts from your phone, I have now added a new WhatsApp link, so you can click on that and have the info posted into one of your WhatsApp chat rooms. Cos’ I is down with the kids! 🙂

So please subscribe to the Facebook and Twitter sites (or at least one of them), and also could the Team Reps please post this on their Team WhatsApp groups, so we can ensure the WRFC love is shared everywhere.


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