Friday, 9 December 2022 - 5.08 am

Tournaments, Pictures and News

Dear All,

There have been a few tournaments over the weekend, and there will of course be more over the coming weeks. PLEASE can you email me any match reports or pictures from your tournament/event. Even if it is just the tournament name and a picture of the team with their medals.


It would be great to have pictures and updates to help promote the club over the summer months, and also to show the other teams/parents who like to follow the Clubs events.


Please email me at WEB@WRFC.CLUB.


Also, please email me if you want any other Club related news to be posted on the website, such as events, special training days, or just to show off how well your team is doing! Anything posted on the web also gets posted onto Facebook and Twitter.


We also have a YouTube channel, and I would like to start to post some videos on there. Here is the link for it


There is only 1 thing on there that was posted by the previous website officer, so it looks a little sad and lonely 🙁 So if you have a videos of your children doing clever football tricks (or they just fancy showing off some of their well honed footy skills on YouTube), then please send me the videos on the email above and we can hopefully get them signed up to Spurs! Or Swansea City. Either one, I won’t mind.



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