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Going Bananas!

St Francis Sports 0-11 WRFC U17 Hurricanes

Surrey Primary League Senior Cup – Sunday 15th November 2015


New Era for FIFA?

New Era for FIFA?


The Hurricanes swung into Park Barn for this Cup tie and local derby against St Francis.  Recently the two sides met here for a league game and Worplesdon won 11-0!  This match had the same outcome, just achieved in different fashion.

On a heavy pitch and swirling winds, the Hurricanes started the stronger.  As before there was a hat-trick, this time for Davies as he scored the first three.  Royle netted from close range before Foster scored the next three. The Hurricanes were ruthlessly efficient, if unspectacular.  St Francis had striker Leach posing a threat with his strength and pace coming close, brushing the post with a low drive.

Half-time 7-0 to Worplesdon.

Our fresh fruit sponsor Andy hadn’t forgotten the lads but the back room staff had! The bananas and oranges weren’t distributed.  This may be due to the fact no-one was prepared to try lifting the fruit ‘sack’ . We now realise why Mr Habgood drives a very large van.   The lads didn’t seem to notice the absence of refreshments,  listening in silence, totally transfixed as their Manager gave instructions for the second half.

A few changes saw Horton leave the goal-tending duties to top scorer Rodrigues.  This change was the signal for the Hurricanes regular defenders to take control, this time in attack.

Regularly at left-back, Dennis unleashed an unstoppable shot high into the net from the corner of the area.  St Francis posed little threat now as Leach was on the sidelines watching and as their keeper, Thresher, made many fantastic saves.  White and Hopper battled tirelessly for the beleaguered St Francis.

After further sustained pressure the Hurricanes made it 9-0, this time it was the other regular full-back, Binfield – netting from a few yards out.

Flynn, yet another of the Hurricane defensive unit was not to be outdone, with his feverish work rate and numerous attempts on goal eventually making it 10-0.

Rodrigues is no stranger to deflecting the ball over the bar now and again, this time as goalie he brilliantly tipped the ball over following a long range effort from St Francis.

The St Francis Manager was by now pacing up and down the line and becoming increasingly frustrated.  The Hurricanes regular centre back Williams completed the rout with the Hurricanes eleventh, showing that listening at half-time is invaluable!

Over the last two weeks we have learnt that bananas at half-time increase the goal yield by 100% and no bananas at half-time decreases the yield by 46%.  Consequently we are currently recruiting for a reliable distributor. Qualifications are not necessary but applicants must be fairly strong. Would suit retired gentleman (John)?

Tape sponsor currently stalling!

We are not sure what it was that made St Francis manager ‘go ape’ after the final whistle. Could it possibly be he was jealous of our bananas ?

St Francis 0-11 Worplesdon Rangers: Davies (3)  Foster (3)  Royle, Dennis, Binfield, Williams, Flynn  (1 a-piece).


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