Wednesday, 19 June 2024 - 11.35 am

U7 Pirates Ahoy!

Clare Jones, Team Rep

The sun shone on the U7’s first ever League match. We started with a full team of 5 and two substitutes. Unfortunately, the Pirates suffered a heavy loss of 11-2, but they remained undaunted, and in fact improved as the game wore on. Knaphill had a secret weapon in the form of the only female player on the pitch, who was very fast, good at tackling and good at scoring, much to the boys’ surprise I think!

The game was good-natured and friendly and our lads remained unintimidated and gave it their best. It was a pleasure to watch. WRFC parents voted for their Man of the Match. It was a close contest between James Young and Finley Waters, with Finley eventually proving triumphant for being tenacious, scoring a goal, and running around the pitch energetically and enthusiastically throughout the match. It was all great fun, roll on next Sunday at Goldsworth Park!

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