Wednesday, 19 June 2024 - 12.39 pm

U10 Dinamo Bring Home the Silverware!

Paul Growdon, Manager of U10 Dinamo

Paul Growdon, Manager of U10 Dinamo

After winning the SPL Junior Cup at the SPL Simon Hedley Festival in 2014, Dinamo were back on 24th May 2015 for a repeat performance, this time securing the Junior Plate, while old rivals GPR Hotspur went on to claim the Cup.

Paul Growdon, Manager of U10 Dinamo commented: “With three clean sheets in the knock-out stages (and one in the group stage), we were obviously strong contenders today.  We won our Quarter Final 3-0, the Semi-Final 1-0 and the Final 1-0 with no ‘OMG’ moments!  Of the two teams that finished above us in Group B, one went out in the Cup Semi-Final and the other, GPR Lions, went on to win the Cup”.

A fantastic day for the team who of course graduate to 9v9 football next season.

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