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Where Eagles Dare?


Albury Eagles 1 – 4 Worplesdon Rangers U17 Hurricanes

Surrey Primary League U17 Premier Division: Sunday 29th November 2015

LC_Hurricane_SwishLast Sunday, altitude specialists the Hurricanes hit the heights of Albury Heath, home of The Eagles.  This would be different, especially as all of the pitch is at altitude not just half of it!

Worplesdon were looking for a third ‘double’ of the season having secured number two the previous week with a 9-1 win against the Scorpions.  A  hat -trick for Rodrigues and 1 each from Davies and Alderton before half time had the Scorpions looking lost, unlike Worplesdon’s midfielder Royle, who was actually lost in Chertsey looking for the pitch at West Byfleet!

Royle made amends with a second half hat-trick and Rodrigues got his fourth. Foster had a penalty well saved just before the Scorpions got a consolation.  Michelle Royle  (Jake’s mum) also made amends with a hot beverage for the over-worked Manager.

Albury Eagles were always going to provide a test for the Hurricanes and the strong winds would test both sides.  Williams pre-match shooting practice tested the highest branches and passing cars!

Kicking into the wind first half, the Hurricanes looked more threatening up front as the midfielders battled for control.  Alderton, this week, switching to striker scored two in the first 20 minutes. The Eagles and Hurricanes were keenly matched….unfortunately, the ref’ seemed to take exception to the physical nature of the game and awarded free kicks at every opportunity.  In truth, the ref’ was extremely consistent, just too fussy….

The Eagles were using the ever-increasing wind to good effect and with their long-throw expert, caused problems from distance.  On 30 minutes, the Eagles dared to score from close-range against the mighty Hurricanes.  Slack marking had cut Worplesdon’s lead in half.  The Hurricanes didn’t seem too bothered, assuming that more chances would soon come their way.  One did –  Hutton slotting home from 12 yards!

3-1……. fruit time.

This week, our fruit sponsors had added apples to the sack and trying not to be outdone, our newly confirmed ‘Tape’ sponsor, Doug, had weighed in with the pineapple. Obviously feeling guilty at delaying the Tape deal!  Nice tape, even though its not quite the right colour, shouldn’t be a problem – unless we get Brian as ref’! (only joking).  The lads’ hairstyles had paid a heavy price in the wind, so there could be room for a Hair Product Sponsor (Paul?).

There was one person above all who relished the gale force winds……. our linesman Dominic ‘semaphore’ Hutton. His flag was resplendent as he seemed to stand on tip-toe for extra height at every throw-in. Corners were just the same but the really elegant flag work was saved for off-sides …….a real craftsman, with anything in his hand….

Kicking with the wind, Worplesdon were getting the upper hand and Rodrigues scored from a yard out, flicking in a Davies corner not long after the re-start. The majority of the Hurricanes’  ‘ground’ attacks were thwarted by a well-organised defence, particularly the centre-backs who played brilliantly.  When the defence was breached, the ‘keeper was on hand with some superb saves.

The Hurricanes had uncharacteristically chosen to use long-range passes as their main weapon and failing to judge the wind speed, watched as the ball raced out of reach.

The wind and ref’ continued to blow.

The Eagles managed to create some chances – in addition with being gifted a few with some more bad marking.  Never getting forward in numbers or having genuine marksmen of the Hurricanes’ calibre meant the Eagles didn’t add to their tally.

The second half had ended 1-0 to Worplesdon!

4-1 full-time, matching the season opener at The Slope.  Alderton 2, Rodrigues, Hutton.

A good three points earned for the Hurricanes and the Eagles had played their part in an enjoyable encounter, indeed a credit to their club.

Like the Scorpions last week, our opponents had taken defeat with dignity.

We have a great squad,  that is committed, reliable, adaptable and great to watch and that includes Dom.  Keeping it on the grass and keeping it real. Well done the Hurricanes!

Next week: The Hawks are coming to the ‘Slope’  10am ko.

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