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Wet Weather Pitch Update Friday 8th January 2016

ee323a0ac086e0d5624e7ebec291e0fcaf41045eIn view of the continuing wet weather we are having to review the viability of all our pitches for training and matches on a weekly basis.  Many pitches last weekend were holding water on the surface and the additional rain this week has not helped matters.  The problem has been compounded by the mild weather experienced before Christmas (which promoted grass growth), immediately followed by the current period of heavy rain, making grass cutting impossible.

Below is the pitch status report for the weekend of 9th and 10th January 2016:

Stoughton Infant School, Northmead School Mini-Socccer Centre
Both venues will remain closed for both training and matches this weekend.

Cardwells Keep
The U11s and U12s have already made alternative plans for Saturday training at an all-weather venue.  Two home matches are scheduled for Sunday but will be subject to a pitch inspection early on Sunday morning.

Christ’s College
Alternative plans have already been for training; any home teams advised to try and reverse fixtures for Sunday.

Other pitches, including Fairlands, Onslow Rec & Worplesdon Memorial Ground
Municipal grounds will be subject to scrutiny by GBC before we know if they are playable.  Other grounds will be subject to last-minute pitch inspections and teams informed accordingly.

Looking ahead to next week, we have the possibility of a freeze to look forward to: more updates will be provided in due course.  As ever, if it is possible to reverse match fixtures, Managers are encouraged to do so.

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