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The Trophy Cabinet Creaks for U10 Dinamo!

Victorious U10 Dinamo, Winners of the Senior Cup, Mayford Athletic FC Tournament, 21st June 2015

Victorious U10 Dinamo, Winners of the Senior Cup, Mayford Athletic FC Tournament, 21st June 2015

The ‘Artful Dodgers’ of Dinamo picked the pocket of Fleet Town Colts to scarper off with the U10 Senior Cup on 21st June 2015. In an emotionally-charged afternoon, WRFC Dinamo showed immense character, mental strength, and good football, to win through against very tough opposition who have played a lot of this season two divisions higher.

In the group stage, Dinamo drew 0-0 with Mayford Gladiators following that with a 1-0 victory against Wandgas Youth. Then came the horror of a 4-0 defeat against Fleet Town Colts, and all the recrimination that followed. Dinamo went to sleep for that match, but a post-game meeting saw all the boys speaking to each other frankly and honestly and Dinamo ‘healed’ as a team. The boys regrouped and drew their final group match 0-0 against GPR Lions. Five points from four matches saw them into the Semi-Finals in third place.

The Semi-Final against Mayford Gladiators was a very tight game.  1-1 at full time, both teams had chances to win in extra time, but it went down to penalties!  Dinamo took first, 1-0 (James), Mayford 1-1, Dinamo (David) hit the woodwork, still 1-1, Mayford 1-2, Dinamo 2-2 (Kieran), Mayford for the win…Jake saved, 2-2, sudden death!  Dinamo went ahead 3-2 (Ben) and with Mayford needing to score, their shot went wide of the left upright.  Dinamo won 3-2 on penalties!

The Final against Fleet Town Colts had everything.  Dinamo rode their luck a bit in the first half but on the stroke of half-time, broke away and scored. Despite telling the boys during the break ‘we are in the driving seat’, ‘keep it tight at the back’ and ‘pick up’ their players, don’t give them chances, the team conceded two goals in one minute: 1-2 to Fleet Town. Dinamo dug deep; although Fleet had other chances, the boys managed to keep them out, then a couple of quick passes broke through on goal.  A shove in the back from a defender and the referee gave a penalty. James stepped up and scored, making it 2-2. Then with seconds remaining, Kieran broke through on goal and slotted the ball wide of the Fleet Town Colts ‘keeper into the net.

Dinamo won:  3-2.


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