Wednesday, 24 April 2024 - 1.06 am

WRFC Africa!

We’re taking over the world! Kind of…

Last season, we started trialling a new kit design for WRFC. This season, we now have almost all teams proudly sporting the new design with the last team’s order currently in production. So, what are we doing with all the old kit?

Well, we’ve been through it all and once we’d got rid of kit that was really well past it’s best, the rest has been packaged up and is going to new homes where it will be appreciated.

Our first kits arrived at an orphanage in Uganda this week. Thanks to Martin Twist of the U9 Werewolves who arranged it.

St Gertrude’s School, Uganda
Ready for the next match!

Fr Peter from St Gertrude’s said:

They were very happy as they usually played against other schools in their school uniform. Now they can play matches feeling smart and proud.

Next month we have loads more kit on it’s way to Zimbabwe thanks to Shaun Dyer (U11s and WRFC Commercial Officer).

In all we’ve given away well over 100 kits. I think all the parents (well, it’s mainly the Mums isn’t it?) should be congratulated for looking after kit so well such that it is still in very good nick even after our kids have played in it for a while.

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