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Where Are They Now? Harvey White, QPR Academy

Harvey U6

By Viki White

Harvey White (pictured, back row, left) joined Worplesdon Rangers FC aged six, mainly to play football with his friends.  He was not what you would call naturally talented on the pitch and therefore his coaches persuaded him to try a stint in goal….there was then no going back!

Harvey then spent the next six years with the Piranhas team, making friends and thoroughly enjoying himself, a great crowd of both parents and boys.

Aged 11 he was picked up by an academy and over the next season, he played in between WRFC and his academy.  It was during this time that we had the best support from both coaches and boys at Worplesdon Rangers, encouraging Harvey.

Harvey was signed to QPR for the U13 age group and has been there ever since. He has had the best opportunities playing teams all over the country and across Europe.  However, we have continued to keep in touch with his old team and they are always most welcoming when Harvey pays them a visit.  Whatever happens in the future, we will always have very fond memories of Worplesdon Rangers FC – and no doubt if Harvey does well, he will not forget his footballing roots too….Mr Andy Barry and Mr Paul Sarney: you MAY have  a lot to answer for!

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‘Where Are They Now?’ is an occasional feature showcasing Worplesdon Rangers FC footballing talent.  If you would like to have a short story published in this way, please contact Peter Horncastle at WRFC.

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