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Give Sean a hug.

Something exciting….

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#FabulousSeanCrooke has been REALLY busy getting the club a new football kit! We have only started with 2 teams at the moment, but this will be progressed to the whole club soon. I have included pictures below, but you will need to click the link to get to the images.


Please read the message from Sean to explain where we are with the new kit, and how you can all help to get this rolled out quicker.


So when you see Sean, you have to give him a hug! If your team hug him the most, then you will be the team who gets the next round of new kit. They have to be the proper 20 second minimum length hugs, or they don’t count. Why not try and get your whole team to hug him at once!! Or hug Alex for a minimum of 40 seconds! As he is like a secret Pokemon, who only pops up in special locations. Try and catch ’em all.


Over the summer the Club decided to seriously look at going for a bespoke design kit throughout the club. This came about to try and maintain the clubs identity throughout the age group and continue with the identity of  “One Club” taken from our survey.


One kit has been a problem over the years with suppliers changing design after only 1 season and also teams taken it upon themselves to purchase a random kit via a sponsor. So the Committee felt we needed a change so last season you could only purchase a kit through Alex Osbaldeston. This stopped part of the problem, but we still had the issue of suppliers changing the design. Alex and myself met with various suppliers and it was agreed that Macron was going to be the Clubs new kit and Merchandise Supplier.


I visited the showroom in Hampshire and came up with various design and finally settled on one. This design will last for as long as the club wants it so within a few seasons at the latest, every player within the Club will be wearing the new kit. This will mean Worplesdon Rangers Players will really stand out, and  everyone will know what team is playing in that shirt.


We have an away kit for those lucky teams that have found sponsorship, and have decided to go back to the more traditional Green Goalkeeper shirt. We are continuing with the policy that all kit has to be purchased through Alex or Sean and the Club will not accept any team going forward purchasing anything else but the new, and definitely improved, Macron Kit.


As a Club we are always looking to find more sponsorship, so if you are a Business or parent that would like to have your Company Logo on these impressive new shirts, or just a group of parents that want to sponsor their own children within a team then please contact myself or Alex.


Sean Crooke:

Alex Osbaldeston:


We all hope you like the new design and the New Club Merchandise Ranges will be on the website shortly which you can order direct through Macron.


Any feedback is greatly appreciated.




Sean Crooke

Manager U15 Lion’s

Club Development Officer

Worplesdon Rangers FC


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