Wednesday, 19 June 2024 - 10.55 am

Joe and Leon Get Picked For Chelsea!!

Dan Wheatley (Manager of the U14 Warriors) has sent in some great news. His son Joe, and team mate Leon Bennett have been selected for the Chelsea FC Foundation Goalkeeping for U13s. They had both trialled with them in the past, and clearly Chelsea saw some great potential with these 2, and never forgot about them. The 2 boys will be returning to play for the U14s next season, unless they get a big money contract, and Dan can retire to Marbella.

I am sure you will join me in congratulating the 2 boys on getting selected, and wish them all the success! Well done Joe and Leon.

Should also probably say well done to Dan, Julian and Christian for training the boys so well. But I will leave that bit out. 🙂 As it might make their heads too big.

Here are two official pictures of the boys doing the Goalkeeper pose! (boom, drop the mike!)



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