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Goal Frenzy as U14 Trojans Decimate the Wolves With an ‘Aha’ Moment (Or Two)

Walton Casuals Wolves 2 – 10 WRFC U14 Trojans

Sunday 19th February 2017: SPL U14 Championship Division

Once again the Trojans found themselves on the road, this time away at Walton Casuals Wolves.  Anyone arriving five minutes after kick-off could have been forgiven for thinking they were watching a closely-fought, pretty much end-to-end battle between two evenly matched teams.  This was far from the case, as the Trojans had roared off the line and were actually 4-0 ahead at the five-minute mark.

The Trojans established strike force of Adam, Harry and Aaron (or as the headline suggests, now operating under the mnemonic AHA) had once again proved unstoppable.  Harry opened the scoring after he forced an error by the home ‘keeper, followed by Aaron and then Adam before Harry scored a second – all before the first five minutes were up.

The game did then lapse into a bit of a lull with some end-to-end play which created chances for both sides – but with none being taken.  The home team proved very capable in spells with their passing and moving. In fact it was the home team that scored next but not until the last minute of the half, taking the teams in at half-time with Trojans leading 4-1.

Any thoughts of the Wolves making a comeback were quickly put to bed at the start of the second half by a very early goal, once again scored by Harry.  Aaron then took the score to 6-1 at which point in the interest of good sportsmanship, Harry and Adam were replaced.

The game settled down again, but the opposition were by now looking drained were unable to add to their score.  Due to an injury and then one of our own players getting fatigued, Adam and Harry were re-introduced and rather unfortunately for the Wolves, had rejuvenated in their rest.  Harry scored within a couple of minutes of returning and then Adam scored two goals in two minutes, using his electric pace against the tiring Wolves’ defenders and finding himself with only the ‘keeper to beat, which he did comfortably.

There was still a bit more to come with Aaron scoring a fine header from a late corner and then as in the first half, the Wolves managed to score again in the last minute – taking the final score to 2-10.

I’m pretty sure the boys are enjoying their football and for the three strikers they are spelling it out for us in the order they are scoring, which for those that lost track was; HAAHHAHAAA.

Special thanks to Andi Scanlan who on a rare day away from managing his own team willingly ran our line today.

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